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Los Angeles, CA,

Offering the best of Artisanal products from all Latin America with a modern style.

XICA limited edition EYE beach bag


XICA limited edition EYE beach bag


XICA limited edition EYE beach bag


This items is currently SOLD OUT and will be back in stock on February 20th please take in mind that if you order this item it wont be ready to ship until this date.

This  NEW Limited Edition XICA beach bag is the MUST have item for those beach getaways!

The EYES were hand painted by talented Mexican artisans, this bag is made out of 100% palm and was handwoven. This is a very unique piece and only have very few of these.

NOTE: if sold out pre-order may be available for this bag, but take in mind it would take 2 - 3 weeks for delivery from the time of purchase.


- 100% natural palm

- knit pom poms in white, ocre, black and aqua

- raw leather tie

- 100% handmade and hand painted

- Made in Mexico


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