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Los Angeles, CA,

Offering the best of Artisanal products from all Latin America with a modern style.


No adventure is better lived but with the people you love and care the most…..


Jennifer Diaz,  Creative Director at Nomah Project

After a while of figuring things out of my own, I finally came to the conclusion that I needed a partner and who better than my best friend who is beyond talented and creative.

Jennifer Diaz who is the Creative Director at Nomah Project and also my long time friend, came along to help me develop more authentic and beautiful products which we have been able to create in collaboration with the talented Artisans from the countries we travel, specially our beloved country of Mexico from where we both come from.  

We both believe that every product should tell a story and we are committed to help and promote the Artisanal work to help support many underprivileged communities that we work with.

We hope you enjoy and support our project and keep buying handmade products!